[ic] How To: use offline with MySQL database?

Scott Goodman scott@searchbc.com
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 16:37:53 -0800

You are simply trying to import the file? Try it using the mysql command
line tool. Run something like this:

$ mysql databasename
mysql> load data infile '/path/to/products.txt' into table products fields
terminated by '\t' ignore 1 lines;


John Foster wrote:

> After successfully getting the offline funtions to build & import my
> very large GDBM  database into a test catalog, I decided to try using
> Mysql and try to get a camparison of speed between the GDBM and the SQL
> systems. I am not certain if offline will work with MySQL. There is 1
> thing for certain: the products.txt database is too large to be imported
> using the UI features. Any suggestions??
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