[ic] Interchange and RaQs

Juzzin juzzin@pixelunion.com
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 20:05:53 -0800

Hello all,

    Has anyone here ever successfully installed Interchange on a RaQ? If so,
did you use the RPM or the tarball?

    I am trying to install Interchange 4.60 on a RaQ 3 server. I have had a
difficult time installing the system, I've tried both the RPM and the

    I've had the most success with the tarball. However, I ran into problems
logging into the administrative interface (login/pass didn't work --
non-sql) and the main screen repeatedly printed "error" where the store
categories usually are.

    Some pointers would be appreciated. (help! :) Thanks.

Best Regards,