[ic] How To: use offline with MySQL database?

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 08:40:26 -0600

Scott Goodman wrote:
> You are simply trying to import the file? Try it using the mysql command
> line tool. Run something like this:
> $ mysql databasename
> mysql> load data infile '/path/to/products.txt' into table products fields
> terminated by '\t' ignore 1 lines;
Scott, thanks for the tip. I will be spending some time learning about
how to manage SQL tables. I have not really spent much time doing so. I
tried to do as you suggested & also read the online docs on MySQL for
more info. I have got some permission problems that are not resolved.
Debian sets up MySQL as root on localhost initially. I seem to be having
some problems getting a handle on getting this altered. I am using
WebMin to manage all of my databases/tables in MySQL as I like GUI
interfaces for speed. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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