[ic] read only tables problem, where is this set??

PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. pugdog@ibm.net
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 11:50:32 -0500

I'm really getting frustrated over this, since it seems to be more wide spread.

All the InMemory tables seem to be read only, and I can't 
edit/update/change them through the editor.  I'm getting "read only" errors 
trying to log on, even:

Where is the Read_only flag set?  I grep'd the system, and it seems to be 
localized in the lib::Tables area, but there are so many layers of 
abstraction  I can't locate where the problem is.

To be this close after 6 months of trying to run minivend, and getting even 
closer with IC, is akin to the torment of Tantalus.

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