[ic] Payment Services docs?

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 09:30:20 -0800


I posted a how-to (with the help of othes) on getting Signio (Verisign) to
run with Minivend 4.04 and from what I understand it has not changed since
the move to IC.  Search for "Signio" in the archives or for my name and it
should turn up.  Good luck!


P.S. Right now we are trying to compile and alpha version of the Signio
binaries and not having much luck....  anyone out there running Signio on an

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From: Brian Clare <bfc@porte.com>
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Date: Thursday, November 09, 2000 7:52 AM
Subject: [ic] Payment Services docs?

>Can anyone point me in the direction of any docs for using Cybercash (or
>any other Payment service) with Interchange.  I need to automate the CC
>payments if possible.
>I can't seem to locate any HowTo's or the like.
>Brian Clare
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