[ic] Ok last time.

Beriah Dutcher beriah@webuildpcs.com
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:24:24 -0600

Ok let me tell you what I have READ and have done.

I got my CyberCash cgi's and install cybercash and got it working using
there test templates. After all that was said and done. I started reading
the docs that "Duke of URL" so pointed out. I changed my catalog.cfg to read
as follows.

# This sets up the new payment charge mode in Interchange 4
# You set it to "custom name", where name is the name of a GlobalSub
# that performs the charge operation. If it is not "custom", then
# it will use the CyberCash routines.
# "minivend_test" is special, and the demo order profile
# works with the demo order form to test
#Variable  MV_PAYMENT_MODE   minivend_test

# Uncomment to use creditCardAuto if you want, now handled better in
# order profiles with "&credit_card=standard".
CreditCardAuto      No

# These are usually all you need for CyberCash 3
# Uncomment and edit to suit; make sure you remove CreditCardAuto somehow
Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE
Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2
#Variable         CYBER_MODE          mauthonly

Variable         MV_PAYMENT_MODE     mauthonly
CreditCardAuto   No

I didnt see anyhting about CyberCash 3.2 and the variable CYBER_MODE. I saw
things that said that moving the pm files of CyberCash to the
interchange/lib/ dir would make it work.  Actually Im at a lost. I have read
one thing in part of the archives and read another ting on part of the
archives. I just cant be killing my interhcange server every 5 minutes
trying to get this to work. Some direction would be nice.