[ic] Ok last time.

Mark Atkinson marka@netbrick.net
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 11:25:48 -0700 (MST)

On the www.akopia.com website under developer resources their is a
document about intergration with cyber cash.  You need to download the
cyber cash program from the (cybercash) website.  I don't remember what
it's called.  Their is a change you need to make
in the catalog.cfg.

I remember finding the document on cybercash was tricky.  But it's on the
Akopia website somewhere.

Hope this helps.  If you need the name of the cybercash file let me
know.  I downloaded it already and have it working.


On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Beriah Dutcher wrote:

> I dont mean to get nasty but I like the fact that everything is free and
> everyone is busy and has lots to do in the personal lives. BUT I NEED some
> help. There are no step by step docs on how to get CyberCash to work nor are
> there adequate anything to help with how things should look and be set to
> get CyberCash to work. So I am asking again if there is anyone oout there
> with the time and knowledge to tell me where to get help on my CyberCash
> problems. I would explain what is going on but I first like to read on HOW
> its suppose to be setup so I can make guesses at what is NOT working
> properly.
> Beriah
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