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Fri, 10 Nov 2000 09:55:56 +0100 (CET)

On  9 Nov, Race Bee Motorsports wrote:
> I am running Interchange 4.5.8  I can not get the shopping cart to keep the contents.  I know that the SaveExpire is set to 30 days. and the SessionExpire 1 hour.  I noticed that i had an hour before the cart would dump, but it should be 30 days.  If i put something in the cart and then expire all sessions the contents of the cart are GONE.  I have invested over 8 hours reading about Session's with minivend and Interchange.  I have come up with no relevant solutions.
>     At first It would not save the contents at all.  I added -- mv_save_session = Yes -- to the Buy now button in my form and that got me to the point of only saving for one hour.  The three things i would like to know more about are 1. SaveExpire  2. SessionExpire 3. mv_save_session  HELP PLEASE

Did for example

SaveExpire    8 weeks
SessionExpire 10 days

in your catalog.cfg not helps you?


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