[ic] price display problem

Toni Mueller support-ic@oeko.net
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:24:44 +0100


while working on a checkout page and trying to display I
have the following problem:

I want to display mixed DM and EURO pricing, and after
some [calc]s decided that I like the [locale] mechanism
as described in the FAQ better.

In the left column where the price per article is displayed,
everthing looks nice. In the column to the right where the
subtotals are, there I find the following problems:

- When simply saying [item-subtotal] inside the locale section,
  it mangles the amount because it somehow wants to calculate
  the new amount based on the string value of the original
  price (which fails since thousands separator is set to '.'),
  resulting in very small amounts if there is a price with at
  least 4 left digits.
- Working around this using a scratch variable does help to
  display a reasonable amount, but effectively disables any
  quantity or otherwise non-linear pricing (I used [item-price
  [item-quantity] noformat] as a simplistic formula).
- There is no easy way to get a reasonable subtotal. For no
  reason known to me (yet) the subtotal is at the EURO value
  instead of the DM value, but when displayed in the subtotal
  box, it is shown as DM (and, of course, included with
  [setlocale de_DE]). The corresponding EURO value is also
  only a minor change, not the real amount.

I feel a bit stupid at this point and welcome any hints :(

Btw, this is on Interchange 4.6.0.

Best Regards,