[ic] Re: Interchange and RaQs ATT:Martin Kisser

john gioglovan john@websenter.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:32:23 +0100

Hei Martin...

10x man.....
i am planning to install it on my RaQ but for time beeing i'm fine with the 
FreeBSD server...

Thanks again.

At 22:58 09.11.00 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello John!
>Some more about my RaQ-installation.
> > Do you use InterBase. Release V6.0  ?
> > any db ?
>i've planned to step up to MySql, but my isp didn't set it up yet. So i
>use only the default_db-Version with the ASCII-Text files and the
>GDBM-databases (speed is ok for testing) with my Interchange
> > I'm really interesed in the RaQinstalation...
> > Did u installed the Interchange main soft in /usr/local or in the user
> > folder /home/sites/site1/users/johndoe/interchange ?
>first: i'm only a user and have no root privileges (just rented webspace,
>not my RaQ)
>=>my catalog directories (simply done with makecat - i also didn't changed
>the permission) are in /home/sites/site1/catalogs
>=> my Interchange root is in /home/sites/site1/ic46
>=>the shop-cgi is in the /home/sites/site1/web or
>/home/sites/site1/web/cgi-bin (i have to name it *.cgi to get it work, but
>where it is located in the Browser-visible workspace doesn't matter)
>=>the html dir is /home/sites/site1/web/shop
>=>the perl i use is from the normal isp installation (/bin/perl) - only in
>the interchange/lib/ are some more (from IC-setup) installed perl-modules
>=>changed the environmental PATH to first look for local files ".", but
>there is no path to the IC-installation (dont know if any of this affects
>Martin Kisser
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