[ic] Serious problem after reconfig!

delionsweb - minivend minivend@delionsweb.net
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 17:16:37 -0500

many ways:

1) telnet in and edit with vi and look for ^M at end of lines
2) FTP to a *nix box and do edit
FTP back up
3) FTP down to Winblows station and edit with good text editor like 
Multi-Edit or Vslick
FTP back up
4) Like 3. but use hex editor
5) You get the idea ...

At 04:13 PM 11/10/2000, you wrote:
>Thanks a lot Ed!
>This seemed to be the problem! (one world, one lf...)
>My problem is now to reconfig the catalog at my IPS site.
>Cause of the messed up catalog.cfg, I canīt login into Minimate
>Any suggestions?