[ic] mv_end_string

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 18:12:48 -0500

Quoting Bennett Grassano (bennett@booksellersolutions.com):
> I know that there is a mini-vend variable "mv_begin_string" which will only
> match a string if it is at the beginning of a field.  What I really need it
> to match is a string at the END of a field in a drop down menu. For instance
> results for "Literature" need to be exclusive from results for "Literature
> Studies"
> Is there such a thing as a "mv_end_string" varible?  If not, is there
> another way to distinguish between these two fields within the limitations
> of a drop down menu?

You can use the exact match operator on a coordinated search:

	[loop search="
	] [loop-code] [loop-param category]<BR>

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