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Sat, 11 Nov 2000 01:59:12 -0500

Excuse me for jumping in as uninformed as I am but ...

Not having researched the basket/ session behavior my theory:
Isn't the session the basket? I mean is the basket not saved in the session?
That would explain why the session loss dumps the basket would it not?
Theoretically, even if the basket was saved separately but referenced in 
the session then the loss of the session would make it almost impossible to 
find the correct basket again ... ?

Now from the docs:
defines the length of time that the various cookies (NOT MV_SESSION_ID) 
stay valid.
That for me means that IF the user login is saved in cookie(s) then the 
login will become invalid when the cookie expires. This might help 
returning visitors to NOT have to log in for example if the period is set 
to days, weeks or months.

This basically defines how long the server will preserve sessions (since 
they were last accessed I assume)

 From www.minivend.com/minivend/docindex/all.html I get:
It is a special, control, form field that tells minivend aka IC to precent 
expiration of user session when set non-zero
i.e. [set mv_save_session]1[/set] ???

That means that if I read your original problem correctly ("I can not get 
the shopping cart to keep
the contents. I know that the SaveExpire is set to 30 days. and the
SessionExpire 1 hour. I noticed that i had an hour before the cart would
dump, but it should be 30 days")
then you expect the basket to last for 30 days.

That means
SessionExpire 30 days

is what you want according to my logic.

Now, I want to say this at the very end, after helping you (and this is 
only intended to be helpful so no flaming please): I noticed that you 
posted the same question repeatedly and only indicated that you had 
attempted to find some solution after the first response (that I saw at least).
I did not know the answer to your question when I started typing this 20 
minutes ago but I started by systematically reasoning about the logical 
operation I would expect and then looking for the answers in the 
documentation. So I came up with some theories that may very well be the 
correct answers to your problem by investing 20 minutes of my time.

I also recommend that you advance to 4.6.0 plus posted updates (in CVS) 
because you may find yourself beating dead issues on an older version of 
the code ...

At 01:05 AM 11/11/2000, you wrote:
>I have changed the SaveExpire to like 10 weeks, and ohter numbers of weeks
>and no luck should i als change the SessionExpire?  The Sessions are all
>that is retaining my basket contents.  Once the session expires the basket
>is empty! I dont know why.  I have looked at other sites running interchange
>and they all do the same?
>Race Bee Motorsports