[ic] CyberCash Error

Jerry jerry@data-logic.com
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 07:49:58 -0500

I had a problem exactly like this. I found, by turning on
lots of debugging, that there was an CreditCardAuto defined
further down in the catalog.cfg file I had missed seeing.
What was happening was IC was submitting the same order
twice. First one passed just fine, but the second failed
because of an attempt to process the same order twice.
The error didn't show anyplace but the debug file.
Hope this helps.

Jerry Uphoff

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> Well beleive it or not just by reading the various posts and the PDF I've
> managed to get CyberCash running on one of my client's sites.  Now the
> problem I'm having is when I am at the checkout and have enterd all CC
> info, when I go to press submit it brings back the page and says there
> was an error and that it will be shown below.  There is no error shown on
> the page nor on any of the logs.  Now when I go to http://cr.cybercash.com
> and login to the merchant's account the CC transaction is there.  That is
> the only place it is showing up, not on the orders view page, no emails.
> Was there something I needed to change on checkout.html??  BTW  this is
> interchange4.6, CyberCash 3.3.0.
> In a nutshell:
> Downloaded  MCK
> Downloaded Minivend PMs for cybercash
> Copied files needed to /usr/local/interchange/lib
> Chowned minivend those files and merchant_conf which is located in
> /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/<Merchant-ID>conf/
> Changed the catalog.cfg to enable CyberCash
> I must have overlooked something but can't figure out what.
> Thank You
> Carol Blevins
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