[ic] Uploading Pictures

Dallas Vogels dvogels@forestind.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:44:07 -0800


	When uploading pictures I am having a problem.  Here are the steps I am

	Creating A New Product

	1) click on 'Create new item'
	2) add information into the appropriate fields
	3) click on 'Upload' for either thumbnail or picture
	4) complete upload process then click on 'Upload' button

	All of the information I entered has not been remembered.  As well, the SKU
number is now inaccessible and labeled as 'new' in the '[picture of the
duck] Item editor: edit item new' line.  This problem in a smaller form when
I try to upload a picture for an existing product:  Any information that I
change before going through the upload picture process defaults back to its
initial values.

	I have determined that only the products SKU (unique identifier) number is
passed to the upload page via the query string rather then all the values
from all of the fields.

	Has anyone found a solution to this problem?  I am under a very tight time
line and would appreciate any help anyone has to offer.