[ic] Additional multiple choice fields like "Color" & "Size", part 2

Marisa Giancarla mgiancarla@macromedia.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:06:35 -0800

Using the tips described in response to my last question I have gotten the
additional fields I wanted showing up and showing the possible choices
available just like the "color" and "size" fields do, but I've noticed
something else that also affects the stock 2 fields as well.

In the various templates & cart view, when an item as color & size fields
there seems to be a fixed text display of "Size:" preceding the drop-down
lists, even if "size" itself isn't used. IE: The text says "Size:" but is
followed by the drop-down for the "color" option which doesn't make a lot of
sense ( "Size: Red" etc)..

I tried adding on a "[if-modifier color] Color:[/if-modifier]" block before
the item's color choice so that the text "Color:" would appear if there was
actually a color choice for that type of item (and made the "Size:" text
also conditional the same way) but it appears that the blocks are parsed but
ignored (including the optional text) so that what you get is just the
various drop-down lists with no caption at all for any of them..

Are the [if-modifier] statements not available in those templates & HTML
pages, or is there something else I need to add to the beginning of each of
the files to enable them? I'm only mentioning the "color" and "size" fields
because they are the stock fields, but the same results occur on the new
fields I added myself, too...

Any help appreciated!