[ic] Re: Qchex Service for Quickbooks Users !

Dan Browning danb@cyclonecomputers.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:00:29 -0800

> On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 10:59:28PM -0800, Dan Browning wrote:
> > > 	1-800-640-3771 (8am-5pm PST)
> > Ahh, good.  A new number to add to my wardialer.  (I'll set it on
> > repeat -- see how they like their phone bills "jammed" with
> that's quite a good idea, unfortunately this doesn't work from
> overseas (and also, don't you perchance have some kind of
> "electronic fraud act" in place to turn the bill towards you?
> take care...).

True.  Now that I think about it... Most of these spam shops have
telemarketers, and most of the telemarketing devisions are run with
automated computer systems that dial up customers, then notify the
telemarketer once someone picks up (my wife worked for one).  What
someone really needs to do is hack their computer system, then fill up
their phone number database with their own phone number.

[Telemarketer sitting at desk, waiting for computer to notify him/her
of a livepickup]
Computer:		pickup
Other:		"Hello?"
Telemarketer:	"Hello, would you be interested in our new whizfangled
Other:		"Joe, knock it off.  Quit calling the other cubicles."
Telemarketer:	"The computer did it."
Other:		"Right." <click>
[...Telemarketer sits puzzled for a little while...phone rings]
Telemarketer:	"Hello?"
Other:		"Hello, would you be interested in our new whizfangled
Telemarketer:	"Jane, what is going on?  Why are you calling me?  Is
your computer messed up too?"

First I'll look for the software that does telemarketing phoning.
Then, identify it's unique tcpip properties (ports, ip header
characteristics).  Then, start searching the net for packets with
those properties (a few well placed tcpdump analyzers on major
backbones should do it), or I could start at and portscan

I digress.  This would be a better discussion for dc-stuff@defcon.org