[ic] Isolating Admin Sub-Menu Options

Dallas Vogels dvogels@forestind.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:03:10 -0800


	I am trying to find a way to individually shut off each option of the UI
submenu system.  I would like each catalog to have a different set of
parameters. For instance, I want to hide the "Affiliates" hyperlink located
in the Merchandising sub-menu for Catalog1 but allow it to be seen in

	Each sub-menu is located in the [INTERCHANGE INSTALL
DIR]/catalog_before.cfg file.  I know that when the Interchange server
starts it loads up the catalog_before.cfg file for each catalog before if
loads the catalog.cfg.

	Here is an excerpt from the catalog_before.cfg:

Variable UI_SUBMENU_Reports <<EOV
code    next_line       indicator       depends_on      page    form    name
1                               __UI_BASE__/orderstats          Orders
2                               __UI_BASE__/trafficstats
[if-mm super]3                          __UI_BASE__/tablereport

	Notice the [if-mm super]3[/if-mm] tags.  Where does the super variable get
initialized?  Can it be different for each catalog?

Thanks,	Dallas