[ic] Uploading Pictures

David Totten akopia@davetotten.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 18:34:25 -0700

I noticed this behavior as well. My solution was to just copy all the images
over to the correct directories. images/items/ for full images, and 
images/thumb/ for thumbnails. I don't think I even had to restart ( I am using
the low traffic setting ). I went back into add a new item, and on the pulldown
appeared all of the images that I uploaded. So I just inserted each new 
product's information, and hit submit.

There definately is a problem going to that form, uploading a new image, and
then trying to submit the item with the newly uploaded image.

dave totten

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 01:44:07PM -0800, Dallas Vogels wrote:
> Hello,
> 	When uploading pictures I am having a problem.  Here are the steps I am
> taking:
> 	Creating A New Product
> 	----------------------
> 	1) click on 'Create new item'
> 	2) add information into the appropriate fields
> 	3) click on 'Upload' for either thumbnail or picture
> 	4) complete upload process then click on 'Upload' button
> 	All of the information I entered has not been remembered.  As well, the SKU
> number is now inaccessible and labeled as 'new' in the '[picture of the
> duck] Item editor: edit item new' line.  This problem in a smaller form when
> I try to upload a picture for an existing product:  Any information that I
> change before going through the upload picture process defaults back to its
> initial values.
> 	I have determined that only the products SKU (unique identifier) number is
> passed to the upload page via the query string rather then all the values
> from all of the fields.
> 	Has anyone found a solution to this problem?  I am under a very tight time
> line and would appreciate any help anyone has to offer.
> Thank-you,
> 	Dallas
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