[ic] access permission bug?

Terrance Chiang terrance@ecnet.com.hk
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 18:03:45 +0800

Hello all

	I've been trying to set different administrators rights for different
accounts with IC, but looks like there's some issues still remaining...eg
1) The "Administration" menu on the top menu bar of IC (4.6) is missing even
though I've added all the permissioning possible for the administrator
except for super user rights, however it seems to appear in the "quicklinks"
section.  Without the "Administration" menu, the administrator won't be able
to goto tax, shipping or payment sub menus.  I did attempt to correct this
by, however failing miserably..so far anyway.
2) the "apply changes" function can't be used although the administrator
permission rights has been checked for "apply changes"
there are other ones, but maybe the interface is not fully developed yet?
I will try to report more when I can definitely replicate it with the same
So any suggestions, ideas on these bugs?