[ic] UserTag problem

marxy@indoors.kiev.ua marxy@indoors.kiev.ua
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:52:34 +0200


I want to write a UserTag but I got something wrong.
My UserTag looks as follows and wonders to get a directory list of
another directory:

UserTag dirlist Order name
UserTag dirlist Routine <<EOR
sub {
        my $dn=shift;
        my @outf;

                my (@files) = glob("$dn/*");
                for(@files) {
                        if (-d $_) {
                                push (@outf, $_);
return @outf;
Then I tried to use it:

[tmp dir]
	[dirlist name='configdir']
    $return = '';
    my @list=$Scratch->{d};
    for(@list) {
        $return .= "dir = " . $_ ."<BR>";
return $return;
Well, this returns something like:


I discrouraged... 6 is a count of the directories in 'configdir'
Can anybody helps me to answer where did I get wrong?


Albert Marx.