[ic] Request For Proposals: Help with my project

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
14 Nov 2000 12:04:05 -0500

I have slowly been learning how to develop with interchange.  Much of
my earliest frustrations are behind me.  I am working on a catalog
that has a multiple product sets based on information from the
customer.  Specifically, the customer tells us two pieces of
information and we filter out all of our products that don't apply to
the customer.

The way I had envisioned this was with two drop down lists in the
logobar.  I had written some javascript using layers that would
dynamically update the contents of the second drop down based on the
selection of the first drop down.  Once the second drop down was
selected, I wanted to set a scratch variable so I could use this for
the duration of the session.  Also, I wanted to have the selection of
the drop downs in the logobar reflect the previous selections.

I had previously contacted an individual to do this work for me (I
think he's subscribed to this list).  He had quoted me six hours to do
the work.  We had a verbal agreement on price and delivery date.
However, several weeks have passed with almost no communication.  I
have left messages with no answer.  At this point I am wanting to cut
my losses and find someone else to do the work.

If you are interested, contact me via private email to work out the
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