[ic] UI Order Desk help

Eric Hull eric@webuildpcs.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 18:06:33 -0600

Hello all,

Here's one I have not found any docs on.

Our store offers some different prices to customers who find us thru an
affilliate that forces them to call in an order, to get that special price.
We want to use the order desk to process this order:
1) - Credit Card Processing rate is cheaper that way (1% cheaper)
2) - The customer can then track their order online
3) -  During the order entry we promote the use of the web site to attract
return customers.

The problem is we have not found a way to enter in different prices for
products "on the fly"
Possible solutions we have discussed:
1) - figure a way to use manual price entry on the Order Desk
2) - variable discount entry on the Order Desk (ex - Product on web sells at
$48.50 - call in order gets it for $47 - discount $1.50)
the problem is the prices for many products can change daily, and not always
at a specific rate ($1.00, or 5%) sometimes it is $1.47 today and $1.83
tomorrow.  Updating this in the database wuld be too time consuming.

Any ideas or experience or examples would be greatly appreciated.

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