[ic] UI Order Desk help

Eric Hull eric@webuildpcs.com
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 09:39:14 -0600


> a seperate
> table listing the salesman's name, a special "hard to remember code",
> and a discount percentage.  I will then add a new input box so that
> the customer can enter the salesman code and receive the appropriate
> discount.

This is a good idea - just not sure how it will work for us

>  If not, then manual
> override of the price may be your only solution.  You have basically
> said that you can't keep the prices in the database accurate.  That
> seems to be a problem unto itself.

This seems to be the only solution.  The regular prices are accurate and we
have no problem with that.  The affiliate (Pricewatch) is extremely
competitive and drives 80% of our online business at this point.  We change
price listings very regularly on the affiliate to stay competitive with
other companies.

The obscure code for those may be a good solution and just update those when
we update with the affiliate.  We will try it and let you know of our
sucess, and/or problems.