[ic] Can I use the selected tag testing with a scratch variable?

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
16 Nov 2000 01:04:09 -0500

I have a form with a selection box that gets submitted on one page.
On the next page I am trying to determine what the selected value
was.  I can actually get the value of the selection box with
[value-extended box_name].  I have set a scratch variable to this.
Now I'm trying to test selection against either that value-extended or
the scratch variable like this:

[seti selected_value][value-extended box_name][/seti]
[selected box_name scratch selected_value]

I'm hoping to just get the text 'SELECTED' in my page.  Once I get the
selected tag to return "true" I can worry about putting it in the
right place later.  What am I doing wrong here?
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