[ic] Can I use the selected tag testing with a scratch variable?

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
16 Nov 2000 12:36:36 -0500

Thanks for the fast reply.

Ed LaFrance <edl@newmediaems.com> writes:

> [selected name=box_name value="[scratch selected_value]"]

Tried this and [selected name="box_name" value="[scratch
selected_value"]]; didn't work.  More details:

My form looks like this:

<form action="[area middle]" method="post">
  <select name="layer_two_select_one"
<option value="manuf a">manuf a</option>
<option vlaue="manuf b">manuf b</option>
<select name="layer_two_select_two" onChange="this.form.submit()">
<option value="model a">model a</option>
<option value="model b">model b</option>

Then in middle.html I have:

[seti selected_manuf][value-extended layer_two_select_one][/seti]
[seti selected_model][value-extended layer_two_select_two][/seti]
// [scratch selected_manuf]
// [selected name="layer_two_select_one" value="[scratch selected_manuf]"]

What I get out is:

// some text

Notice that the selected tag isn't returning true.  I'm guessing
either a typo or something silly.  Any guesses which and where?
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