[ic] Multiple ship to's...

Paul Stearns interchange@aceworld.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:53:52 -0500

This is in regards to Interchange/Minivend...

I have a customer who would like to have the multiple ship to
capabilities of the harryanddavid.com site.

Specifically what they like is the ability early during the purchase
cycle to tag each product with whom they wish to send it. Whenever they
look at their cart they can see what they have bought and for whom. At
checkout time they fill in the shipping information for each recipient.
And do a single credit card trx for the entire order.

Has anyone done this using minivend/interchange?

What is the level of difficulty in doing this?

I am new with the product, and before I invest a lot of time in trying
to figure out whether it can be done with this product I thought I would
ask the user community.

Any help is greatly appreciated.