[ic] Ambiguous result

MhsapoA@netscape.net MhsapoA@netscape.net
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 19:47:14 -0500

1) How do I use the [more] in this case?: I want to show up to 20 items per 

2) The variable $istock get only "N" even if the $invsplit is less than zero. 
 I did the same code in plain perl and works.  Could you please tell me 
what's wrong?

Below is the code:
[loop search="
sq=select * from inventory where 

push (@f,'[loop-data inventory sku]');
push (@l,'[loop-data inventory quantity]');


@indices = sort { $l[$a] cmp $l[$b] or
$f[$a] cmp $f[$b]} (0..$#f);

foreach (@indices){
$la = $l[$_];
$fa = $f[$_];

$key = $fa . "\0" . $la ;

foreach $key (sort keys %models){
($skusplit,$invsplit) = split (/\0/, $key);

if($invsplit > 0){

$return .= "SKU: $skusplit,INV: $invsplit, Is is in Stock: $istock";
return $return;
SKU: ORANGE,INV: 100, Is is in Stock: N
SKU: LIME,INV: 0, Is is in Stock: N
SKU: PEAR,INV: 14, Is is in Stock: N
SKU: FROG,INV: 23, Is is in Stock: N