[ic] Interchange on Max OS X

David Adams david@akopia.com
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 09:43:48 -0500

I have also installed Interchange on my OS X Powerbook. I am still having a
couple of problems that I haven't had time to troubleshoot (I'm receiving
error messages when I try to put something in the cart).  Once I have some
time to look at that, we'll post some helpful hints for installing
Interchange on Mac OS X.

I'll run those ideas past you when I've got them compiled.

David Adams
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> Hello,
> I am happy to confirm that now I have Interchange running on my Apple
> Powerbook G3 on top of Mac OS X. I did manage to install SQL-Statement and all
> the other modules, and now the package is running flawlessly.
> To install SQL-Statement I had to change, in the sql_yacc.c file, alloca to
> _alloca and then all test returned OK and the module installed without any
> problems.
> Congratulations to Akopia this software rocks! And Mac OS X rocks (this is the
> future happening right now).
> Regards to all.
> Leonel Joao Silva
> Information Systems Manager