[ic] Re: coordinated searches including a profile? (or: using scratch variables in a search)

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
19 Nov 2000 00:26:10 -0500

Doug Alcorn <doug@lathi.net> writes:

> I know that the link is being generated correctly.  I get
> 'http://....../scan/fi=products/st=db/co=yes/sf=addl_category/se=MITSG100/sf=category/se=batteries.html'.

This is not true.  I'm sorry I posted that without double checking
first.  The link actually has mp=myprofile rather than

> In fact, If I code it like this:
> <form action="[area href="scan" arg="
>         fi=products
>         st=db
>         co=yes
>         sf=addl_category
>         se=MITSG100
>         sf=category
>         se=batteries"]" method="post">
> It works like a champ!  The exact same url is generated.  I don't get
> what's going on here.  Any clues?

Further, I can put all the criteria inside the search profile and only
specify the profile in the [area scan ...] tag.

See, what I really want to do is use the search profile in the area
link.  I want to set a complex link type using the mp argument.  The
idea is to have the area link take into account a scratch variable set
on the page.
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