[ic] Non-inventory based system...

Paul Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 09:40:39 -0500

I am building a store for a customer who builds all products to order, so
there is no inventory. I am building the store from the demo system I have
found and removed all of the out of stock type messages in the demo pages
and it all looks great.

My problem (I think) is that since we have no inventory on any items, when
we place an order the system thinks that there are no items to ship, and it
charges no shipping charges. Of course they (my customer) don't use any
standard shipping methods like UPS, so I had to create a shipping method
which I hope is multiplying the quantity to ship times a fixed price.

Is there a way of telling Interchange that this is an inventory-less system?
Obviously I could put a large quantity of inventory out there and not worry
about it, but this would be so tacky...