[ic] Adding Options - Using Construct Options

Kevin Lyons kclyons@silvernet.net
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 22:06:44 -0800

Using the options tag this can be accomplished, in the construct demo
results_big.html uses this tag.

Usage     [item-accessories size]
Hope this helps... You can see this in action at (store in dev)

Kevin Lyons
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Subject: [ic] Adding Options - Using Construct Options

> Is it just me - or do the options (color, size, etc) not work in the
> "Construct" demo?  I can't get them to work.  I have put the variables in
> the fields like this:   blue,red,green
> and they do not show up with the item.
> Is there more to it?  I have 10 kinds of one product to sell and would
> not to have to enter them all as separate.
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