How does this work? (Was: [ic] scratch variables in search conditions)

Doug Alcorn
20 Nov 2000 11:32:15 -0500

I was going back through some of my old notes and came across this
message from a while back.

"Cameron B. Prince" <> writes:

> We have something similar on a site that allows customers to define
> or narrow results in a search:
> On index.html: (Sets the default match limit to 5)
> [if !scratch sprofile][set sprofile]ml=5[/set][/if]
> Then in the complex search for the areas: (Tells each link to use the proper
> search profile)
> fi=products
> st=db
> co=yes
> sf=category
> se=Chargers
> mp=sprofile
> sp=results_image
> Then finally on the results page, we have this code that sets some search
> options and refreshes the results page.

Cameron says here that he is using a coordinated search with a
profile.  I am assuming that the link made on the leftside is
something like:
Based on my experiences this weekend, this shouldn't work.  What
version of IC is this catalog running?

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