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Paul Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:35:16 -0500

My opinion, and what I find the most useful are structured knowledge base
articles. I use the Microsoft, and Oracle tools and find the answer most of the

Minor rant, ignore...

When I don't find what I want and I call, the blithering idiots that are in level
1 support are generally out of their depth. My favorite and most common response
to questions is some derivation of "...you need to reinstall..." Glad I don't
need to reinstall the engine in my car when the battery dies...

Opinions are like butts, everyone has one, but no one else wants to hear


delionsweb - minivend wrote:

> Cameron and Interchange users,
> These questions about Interchange setup and DBI and a lot of other things
> just keep coming back like bad dreams...
> Does anybody out there have opinions and ideas for setting up
> Troubleshooter type web interfaces?
> I am thinking about the troubleshooters that are in Windows 2000 for
> example and programming 101 binary tree exercises in college where you
> present the user with a yes/no question and the answer determines the next
> question.
> I am thinking something more than a FAQ here but not rocket science and the
> important part is that the application should be able to 'learn' by having
> the user enter a question and an answer that is added to the decision tree
> and thereby adds to the knowledge of the system.
> I programmed an animal guessing game on this principle once about 15 years
> ago ... ;-)
> Does anybody know what I mean ... ?!
> At 06:17 PM 11/20/2000, you wrote:
> >If you are seeing no errors in the interchange log files, and you have no
> >tables in your database, this likely means something is wrong with your DBI.
> >
> >There is an open bug for no errors when DBI is not installed or not working.
> >
> >Cameron
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