[ic] idea from wish list

Eric Hull res059ss@gte.net
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:27:28 -0600

Hello all

I saw an idea on the wish list:

Add-Ons section at Akopia  DogTags
19-Nov-2000 06:05AM
Hi There are some support options that would be nice to have at Akopia: 1.
Considering that Interchange is open source, it would be nice if there were
a section at the Akopia site for any add-ons that people come up with. The
add-ons could downloadable and have descriptions, links to home pages, etc.
2. How about a Bulletin Board that users can utilize for support,
suggestions, hacks. There is a terrific board available at
http://www.ikonboard.com. It's open source, and it's free. If there are
already sections like these, sorry. I didn't find them. Thanks.

I would be willing to host, or help impliment this  - I think it would be
great for people in the same place we are in  - We have 2 of us ruinning
IC - 1 does the backend (server, admin, graphics, etc) and I do all the
front end (items, descriptions, inventory, orders, etc)  Neither of us have
a lot of time to devote (at least not as much as we would like) to
developing all the things we want to do - this would be an excellent place
to share the stuff we come up with.

Anyone interested in helping contact me at eric@webuildpcs.com

Eric Hull

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