[ic] Removing expired files and directory from /session and /tmp

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 08:48:23 -0500

Quoting jojo@buchonline.net (jojo@buchonline.net):
> Hi list,
> I can use bin/expired to remove the files. But it removes the files
> from /session only and not all the empty directories too. There a lot
> of old files in /tmp too. I know, I can use a command like
> find /catalogs/catname/tmp -type f -mtime +1 | xargs rm
> or
> find /catalogs/catname/tmp -type d -mtime +1 | xargs rm
> to remove the files or directory. But I'm not sure about the directory
> /tmp/addr_ctr
> and
> /tmp/retired
> The name "retired" seems to me, I can remove all directories and files
> inside that directory "/tmp/retired". Right?
> What is the best way to clean up all expired files _and_ directory from
> /session _and_ /tmp?

For performance, it is actually better to leave the directories in place.
That way they don't need to be created next time a session is bound for

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