[ic] Localization causes misbehavior of basket?

Ton Verhagen ton@verhagen.net
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 18:14:20 +0100

Dear All,

I encountered a problem while localizing the construct demo.

Entries in locale database:

code	en_US	de_DE	fr_FR	nl_NL
ProductFiles	products	de_products	fr_products	nl_products
products	products	de_products	fr_products	nl_products

With these settings all searches perform well (as long as no file is 
explicitly mentioned in search).
In other words, when a locale is in effect, e.g. nl_NL, the results come 
from the associated products table (nl_products). So far so good.
However, when I order a product when nl_NL is in effect, the basket shows 
info coming from 'products' and mv_ib is set to 'products'.
Is this intended behavior, have I overlooked something, or is this a bug?


Ton Verhagen