[ic] Reminder- Interchange users survey

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:03:50 -0500

  I am one of those who use it for almost everything. While the thought may
have been e-commerce it's versatility is outstanding. The embedded perl alone
is a great feature to have when building anything. Makes life so simple. I fail
to understand everyone's wants at redesigning the templates unless it is
misunderstanding. The templates are the far outter layout of the pages. Fill
each piece with your data. Having done close to 200 sites with MV / IC with for
the majority nothing more than the out of the box "toys" it's great. After all
a client says I need a site and here is my logo and copy. In less than 2
minutes the entire site is in place. Now just alter the catalog.cfg file to
reflect the correct logo file and color choices and we are real close to done.
Place our copy in straight text files and use include in the templates. We are
done in usually less than a couple days. For those who want something special
like mouseovers or something like that takes a little longer.

  All webpages are the same, they have 5 componets and what you do with those 5
makes the visual result. Big hint for template modifiers -> Strip the template
to nothing more than table pieces and use [include] now want the look changed
modify the included file. Keep your included files in a special directory like
textfiles and you can even split that up. Do an alias for the path and you can
[include alias/file] I am running 3 sites from one set of templates doing this
and could run as many as I want. All you need is a separate .cfg file for each
that reflects the proper location of things.

  Great product!

Steve Getzinger

David Adams wrote:

> We've had great response to our survey so far, and some of the data has been
> surprising.  For example, many more people are using Interchange for
> non-commerce sites than we had imagined, and the average number of sites
> that each developer has created is larger than we had thought.  But the data
> will be more interesting with a larger sample size.
> ...

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