[ic] Thanksgiving Thank You !

Birgitt Funk mymother@my-mothers-shop.com
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:03:31 -0500 (EST)

Dear List,

I dunno, I don't feel well, if I don't say "Thank You" to you guys. 

The list rocks, Mike Heins is noodling code, playing with a Mac
(can't really fathom that one), new docs all over the place, Tips and
Tricks to grab, grown up men dreaming of new MVMALL toys, Wow...!!!

I am happy, hope you are too. Happy Thanksgiving ! 



Dear Mr. Adams, 

why are you so amazed that so many people use IC/MV for non commercial
purposes ? I guessed that from the very beginning of MV, and am not
suprised that your survey confirms it. Makes perfectly sense to me. There
are so many more interesting things to publish, which are non commercial
by their very nature than commercial ones. 

When I first saw the Internet in 1995, I was intrigued by its role it
could play as THE LIBRARY of all libraries.  To me nothing much has really
changed, despite all of the e-commerce sites spreading out. 

People want to search, read, inform, communicate, publish, express
and construct things which have meaning to them. The people who build
the sites get a kick out of IC, if you can play around with it, construct
something, when it's flexible, understandable, usable and don't
limit your capabilities to customize up to the point you forget
that it was IC.

As Steve said, the great thing is when on the one hand you can
build something with templates easily, but also if you want to 
construct from scratch, something which feels more like your own
creation when it's finished. 

In the end people want to put up content which matters
to them and want find content that matters. That you can also buy and
order the content online at times, is IMHO a nice thing and all the effort
which goes in to accomodate the hundreds of little customization
businesses need, makes it a great tool for e-commerce, but it's not the
heart of it all in the end. But then, I am a hopeless dreamer, so take it
with a smile and some patience.