[ic] Speeding up Data access times??

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 19:56:46 -0600

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting John Foster (jfoster@augustmail.com):
> > I have checked the Akopia demo site for access times versus those my
> > test site requires and they are about the same. I compared the access
> > times required by my main web site which uses much larger (1000 times)
> > databases and you can imagine what the access times are like:-(  It
> > works, but is slower that cold molasses. If any one has tips or tricks
> > for helping the access times to be faster, I would appreciate your help.
> > The area catalog has 250 entries, cat has 600, products 126,000.
> Might help to know what database you are using. 8-) And for you
> to give a baseline on what type of system you have.
> If SQL, index, index, index. All fields where you sort and all
> where you select.
> If DBM, you need to search the text file and not the DB; and in
> the large file, you need to pre-select with the binary search.
> 600 entries is nothing for the text file search. 125,000 is, and
> the way to do it is with dl=string etc.
Sorry the questions was not very specefic. I have built 2 identicle
sites using MySQL with 1 site and the DBM in IC 4.6 with the other. The
access times are actually comparable, but very slow. It is VERY likely
that this is due to my lack of experience, hence the request for tips.
The machine that I am using as a server is a dual PII 233 running Debian
Linux 2.2r1 and using Apache as the server. To get the site running I
simply installed the new modified tables and made the necessary changes
to the html codeing of the site. I used the construct demo as my basic
installation and made as few changes as possible. I did not change any
of the existing tags, only the html code.  My real concern is whether or
not I need to upgrade my hardware or if this is sufficient to handle
this size of project. Also, if anyone knows from experience, whether or
not the MySQL database should be compiled for SMP instead of the stock
version. Thanks for your support!
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