[ic] Database support

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
24 Nov 2000 16:06:21 +0100

Leonel Silva <leonel@sdm.pt> writes:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if Interchange supports or will support other SQL databases
> like FrontBase and OpenBase.
> They are both very mature and powerful databases which support several
> operating systems (Mac OS X, Unix, Solaris, Windows NT, OpenStep and Linux),
> they both have free lite versions and GUI for database management,
> furthermore, OpenBase also features a very useful RAD environment for
> building client applications and FrontBase is fully compliant with the
> UNICODE, SQL 92 and TCP/IP. And as a bonus they both have adaptors for
> Apple's WebObjects, PHP3, PHP4, Perl, ODBC, JDBC, EOF.
> These databases are a lot cheaper than Oracle and far more friendly to use
> than MySql and I think it would be a good improvement for InterChange if it
> could use them.
> <http://www.frontbase.com>
> <http://www.openbase.com>
> Does anyone have comments about this?

To qualify for Interchange a DBI module is needed for the database
in question.


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