[ic] Interchange DreamWeaver extension

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:45:00 -0500

Quoting Rene Hertell (rene@hertell.com):
> How about some extensions to Allaire Homesite? This would rock too! )

Sorry, as far as I can tell they don't have anything worth looking at as
far as an API.  I looked at quite a few over the years, and Dreamweaver
is the first one that I have found which has a real good API to extend
it. (I don't count OLE as an API in this case, though I might if it has
a better object set than FrontPage.)

I also have a lingering bad taste in my mouth about Allaire because of
their early use of SPAM, but I haven't heard of them doing this for two
years so I guess I should stop being prejudiced.

If you can send me a URL to developer-oriented API documentation about
Homesite I will take a look at it, but I have pretty much decided on 
Dreamweaver for the first one. 
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