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Paul Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 11:40:59 -0500


OK, so I figured out how to do this. So nobody needs to reply.

However, I would like to change the left hand area/category bar so that it only displays areas as links, which
when clicked would bring up my category page. Unfortunately I have only been using Interchange for a week, & do
not know the intricacies of "box-exec" and "bar_link"

Also is there any gotcha's when adding a field to an existing gdbm table (like I lose all my data)? I assume all
I need to do is add the new field to mv_metadata.


Paul Stearns wrote:

> Anyone:
> I have my category print thing working that Jerry helped me with. I do have one problem. I do not want to
> display all categories. The categories that I don't want to print are easily identified because the have no
> value in the field image.
> I am using the [page scan] tag to do the deed. How can I accomplish the above using the page scan directive?
> Paul
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