[ic] Re: Need Tips to speed up access time w/LARGE SQL Databases

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 14:58:59 -0600

Toni Mueller wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 08:32:38AM -0600, John Foster wrote:
> > 36 seconds; for first page to come up
> I think it took a bit longer here...
> > outside my hardware. If anyone has ideas the test site is located at
> > http://www.advance-computing.com   click on go to retail store. Please
> > excuse the sloppy front end as this is a work in progress.
> Yes. You need a different design. Pulling a _large_ number of such
> categories and sub categories and making this into such a long flat
> table is the wrong design for this amount of data.
> I suggest aggregating to one more level of categories, and having
> them organized as a tree (ie, it would be very nice to have a
> tree widget a la Zope). Unfortunately I don't have one myself.
> If anyone has a suggestion on how to implement this in Interchange,
> ideas are very welcome.
What I really want to do here is have the listings in area show up as a
menue, then when the customer clicks on the section that they are
interested in, the IC server would expand only that menue item to show
the cat entries available, then when a selection is made the IC server
would search the database for the relative product entries and show
them, then the customer could select the individual item for more info
or purchase. In oter words a cascading menue. If someone knows how to do
this, pointers would be greatly appreciated. (Or directions to the doc
area relevant) Thanks!
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