[ic] Localization causes misbehavior of basket? - additional info

Ton Verhagen ton@verhagen.net
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 13:36:23 +0100


I used the files from the development CVS to update my installation and did 
a quick check.
All seems to work like a charm.


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At 03:05 AM 11/26/00 -0500, Mike Heins wrote:
>Quoting Ton Verhagen (ton@verhagen.net):
> > It seems that changing the locale (entering the shop with a url: eg
> > ....process/locale/nl_NL/page/index) won't update array 
> @Vend::Productbase.
> > This array will always contain the initial values set in catalog.cfg (eg
> > ProductFile products nl_products). However, $Config->{ProductFiles} will
> > get updated when locale gets changed.
> >
> > The result of the above behaviour is:
> > 1. Searches will perform okay --> results come from the related products
> > table ('products' for default, 'nl_products' for nl_NL)
> > 2. When ordering an item, the info will come from the initial setting, not
> > the locale related table.
> > When locale is set to nl_NL, all info in searches etc will show Dutch 
> text.
> > When a product is ordered, basket will show info in English (mv_ib has
> > value 'products' instead of 'nl_products').
>Got it. A workaround is to define a globalsub for Autoload on each
>Locale  nl_NL   Autoload   update_pbase
>Locale  fr_FR   Autoload   update_pbase
>GlobalSub <<EOS
>sub update_pbase {
>         Vend::Data::update_productbase();
>         return;
>That should get 90% of it, but I have also put fixes in both the stable
>and development CVS. They should make 4.6.1, which is imninent.
>Thanks for doing the work to find this, Ton. Your list of credits in the
>code is mounting...8-)
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