[ic] Reccomended Software + Hardware Configurations

Politis, Brian BPolitis@ITUtility.com
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:25:41 -0500

I am toying with the idea of putting together a site that should receive at
most about 100 orders per week.  Each order will average approx. 7 - 10
items.  The only thing that I will have significant volume will be my
catalog.  It will contain approx. 50,000 part numbers initially and grow to
over 100,000 quickly. 

My question is what sort of platform would people reccomend.  I am looking
for advice on hardware, and the database platform. High availability is not
critical in the initial installation, so we will probably build out the site
on some "home grown" boxes running Red Hat 7.0 and then move it to a
stronger platform later.  I am new to interchange (and e-commerce in
general), but have decent database admin skills, some html and limited perl,
so please be explicit with your advice.