[ic] IC Server with HighTraffic and FreeBSD!

jojo@buchonline.net jojo@buchonline.net
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 17:13:08 +0100 (CET)

Hi list,

I know, FreeBSD has a problem with IC and HighTraffic. But Ive a dirty
solution to prevent MiniVend Server Crash (MV Version 3.xx and 4.xx). 
I test my dirty quick solution with IC now and the IC Server is able to
run longer than before (few minutes vs. ca. 30 minutes). But there are
some new error. This is for example: - - [27/November/2000:16:57:52 +0100] icsimple /cgi-bin/icsimple/testx Runtime error: Can't open /www/buchonline.org/ic/catalogs/icsimple/tmp/addr_ctr/1/9/192_168_1_10: No such file or directory at /home/ic/lib/Vend/Session.pm line 197


# cat /www/buchonline.org/ic/catalogs/icsimple/tmp/addr_ctr/1/9/192_168_1_10

What is this file for?


# cat /home/ic/error.log.test1 | grep "magic" - - [27/November/2000:12:37:12 +0100] icsimple /cgi-bin/icsimple/testx Runtime error: Bad counter magic in /www/buchonline.org/ic/catalogs/icsimple/tmp/addr_ctr/1/9/192_168_1_10 at /home/ic/lib/Vend/Session.pm line 198

or the same message with 

.....8_1_10 at /home/ic/lib/Vend/Session.pm line 197

----------snip Session.pm----------
	return File::CounterFile->new($fn)->inc() if $inc;
	return File::CounterFile->new($fn)->value();
----------snip Session.pm----------

I need some more informations to understand the error message above and
to get my dirty solution ready.

Sorry for my bad english!

Thank you a lot!


Hans-Joachim Leidinger
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