[ic] category banner keeps repeating

Sim Zacks Szacks@co.wayne.mi.us
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:10:02 -0500

The categories in my store are countries of the world. I am using a modified version of simple, and I didn't change any of the search tags for the category search. When I click on some catagories in the results page a number of banners usually show up.
For example it says Japan ($5.00) which is what it's supposed to say then it lists 3 products and has two more products with a banner on top of each  that just says Japan and then there are 5 items and another banner that simply says Japan.
This does not happen all the time, and I con not figure out where the error is occuring. 
The category is Japan and the banner_text in the cat table is Japan ($5.00)
Some categories this happens with and some it does not. 
Does anyone have any clue as to why this might be happening?

Sim Zacks