[ic] controlling [error] tag formatting

Zachary Matthews zac@mediapc.com
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:33:28 -0800

I want to change the formatting for the error messages that are 
displayed on the checkout page, ie: "CREDIT CARD INFORMATION (Can't
figure out credit card type.)"

Specifically, I wanted to stop the error messages from being italics, so
I added the following entry to variable.txt:

COLOR=RED>label_str<SMALL>(%s)</SMALL></FONT>    errors

After restarting interchange, the checkout page is not displaying the
standard bold form field labels.  In fact it is not inserting any labels
(when there are no errors).  When errors are present, the following
label is output:

label_str (Can't figure out credit card type.)

How can I get label_str to actually output the std_label that I entered
into the [error] tag in the first place, ie: [error std_label="CREDIT
CARD INFORMATION" name=mv_credit_card_valid]

Does anyone know how to control the formatting of the form field labels
when there are and when there are not errors?


P.S. There have been several other discussions regarding error tags, and
the fact that they do not function on the account page (only with order
submission).  There was even a handy workaround that Bill Randle
If somebody at Akopia has time to do a bit of documentation of the error
tag, and how to control formatting and function (including the role to
the file 'etc/profiles.order'), I think it would be extremely
illuminating and useful for many IC users!  Form input error processing
is a critical component of any form based web application.