[ic] Newby: IC in "Euroland"

Bernard Frit bernard.frit@temperance.org
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:42:29 +0100


Here in "Euroland" we have some special requirements :

- prices must be both in national currency (FRF, DM, etc)
   and in Euros (EUR) until the national currencies will
   disappear in a couple of years.

- we have two different VAT rates depending on the product
   class (in France books are at 5.5 % and most of the rest
   at 19.6 % but some at 0% !!!).

- we have to charge VAT for all EU (European Union) contries
   but not for the rest of the world :
   - VAT is charged for Belgium (EU member)
   - VAT is not charged for Switzerland (not EU member)

Has anyone already configured IC in this way?

Any advice welcomed.

Bernard Frit